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HydroClean - 1 gallon
HydroClean - 1 gallon
HydroClean - 1 gallon
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HydroClean was especially developed for the proper cleaning of existing elastomeric coating on roofs, metal surfaces, concrete and masonry substrates, as well as uncoated roof, deck and wall surfaces. HydroClean has excellent cleaning capabilities with all types of coatings including acrylic, polyurethane silicone and Hypalon ® . Properly applied, HydroClean penetrates the old coating, lifting oxidized material, dirt, grease, and other contaminants into suspension for easy flushing from the substrate, leaving behind an acceptable surface for (re)coating.

Advantages and Benefits: 

1. Biodegradable:
HydroCleanTM is 100% biodegradable, which allows for proper cleaning of substrates where washing with hazardous cleaning products would not be permitted prior to (re)coating.

2. Open Dry Time:
HydroCleanTM will remove dirt, pollutants and other contamination build-up even if the product dries prior to rinsing.

3. Environmentally Safe:
No known harmful effects to ground vegetation, water collection ponds, septic tanks, treatment plants, or
animal life, even in its concentrated form.

4. Agency Approvals:
HydroCleanTM meets all the requirements of USDA and FDA standards, and is also OSHA compliant.

Item Number:
8902 25000

1 gallon (Concentrated - Makes 11 Gallon when Diluted)

150-200 Square Feet Per Gallon (Once Diluted)

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